100womenstrong grants $639,000 to 51 loudoun nonprofits in support of shelter, health, mental health, hunger, and education. Read more.

Why I Joined 100WomenStrong

Below our members describe why they joined and why 100WomenStrong remains an important part of their giving plans.  Thinking of joining us? Check out how you can become a member here.

Kim Wagner

I find being a part of 100WomenStrong to be so empowering. Every member’s voice is heard, regardless of one’s tenure, position, or role within the group. Our individual contributions are combined, allowing us to fund many grants in the community. The process that we go through to decide who is awarded a grant is incredibly thoughtful and intentional. The discussions that happen around the table are lively, educational, passionate, and fair. This group has allowed me to become comfortable in expressing my opinion without fear of judgment – it is truly a “safe space”!

Karen Schaufeld

I am part of 100WomenStrong because I want to make the greatest possible positive impact on my community. Effective philanthropy requires a deep knowledge of the community, the combined giving power of many like-minded individuals, and the diversity needed to think creatively about how to solve problems. And I love working and playing with the other members!

Peter Knapp

I try to be very selective with the charitable organizations to which I dedicate my time and support. My “why” in general is that I feel a responsibility to give back and improve the quality of life for those around me. I joined 100WomenStrong specifically because it is local and I knew many of the members and knew that I was joining an amazing group of people. I could not be happier to be a member of this incredible group of people.

Lara Major

Having grown up in Loudoun County and then having raised my own family here, I feel it’s important to give back to the community that has given so much to me. Joining 100WomenStrong has helped me better understand the needs of the community and has allowed me to have a far greater impact than I would have had as an individual donor.  The collective wisdom and knowledge of the group coupled with the broad open-minded member perspectives makes for an unparalleled giving experience. I have truly grown as a person by being a part of 100WS.  I’m more connected to the community and more aware of the inspirational work being done by so many to improve the lives of others.  My life has been enriched by the friendships I’ve made and the sense of purpose I’ve gained.

Stephanie Place

I love being an equal part of a great group of philanthropists that is so much more powerful than I can be alone.  It is so special that everyone has a voice and can talk freely about their feelings, thoughts, and ideas.  It is nice that there are members who do not have time to be as involved as others but the trust they have in the group is inspiring.  I love the lifelong friends I have made from all different walks of life.

Suzy Quinn

I’m proud to represent Inova as a member of 100WomenStrong! I’ve found it to be a fun, smart, and kindhearted group of changemakers who are passionate about helping those in need in our Loudoun community. I’ve learned so much both from my fellow members and the incredible nonprofit leaders with whom we partner. The sense of community and connectedness this group brings is more important than ever during this pandemic. There is strength in numbers—we can do so much more together than we can alone!

Buta Biberaj

Living in Loudoun County for over 25 years, and my experience as an attorney and guardian ad litem protecting the elderly and children, I saw many individuals and families fall on hard times. Knowing that they need a hand, but not finding immediate services was frustrating and sad. Discovering 100WS was a Godsend – seeing how they invest in our community so families can become healthy and successful, fills my heart and warms my soul. After seeing the real work of 100WomenStrong, I was inspired to join because they “do the work” and not “just talk the talk.”


Bobbi Schaufeld

Being with a group of like-minded people has given me the ability to make a more impactful contribution to the community and a definitive voice that can affect change.   I have formed lifelong friendships with an amazing group of women and men whose love and caring for the community is inspiring.








Leana Katz

I joined 100 Women Strong in 2012 because I want to make my local community a safer, kinder, and more just place for all people – especially children. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in abuse and neglect cases from 2007 through 2017, I know how important it is to have smart, engaged and committed adults working with those most vulnerable in our community. I’m honored to be a part of 100WomenStrong’s impact – as it is both profound and far reaching.


Monica Tressler

I grew up in a very philanthropic family and carried that forward as I grew up, and now through my own family.  My family and I enjoy giving back to our community and advocating for those who may not have a voice.  I joined 100WomenStrong because I knew I would be a part of something much bigger, alongside like-minded women and a few good men,  who share a common goal to help lift our community in a positive way.  Our investment in 100 Women Strong individually may not move mountains, but our contributions collectively award us all a chance to accomplish something truly remarkable.  I absolutely wanted to be a part of that!

Margy Eastham Thomas

I’ve been in the field of philanthropy for several years and am constantly looking for opportunities to expand my grantmaking horizons. 100WS is a great way to take giving to the next level alongside committed individuals and leaders who care about their community.


Sage Bolte

I believe that we are called to take care of our communities and 100WomenStrong is committed to ensuring that the lives of our communities are improved, needs are met and critical programs that care for the diverse needs of our community are funded in ways that I alone couldn’t.






Stacey Metcalfe

For me, it is all about the respect for one another. It’s a true gift to surround yourself with an extraordinary group of individuals who all have an equal voice around the table, but understand that fundamentally our voices are stronger together, and together we can make a greater impact on our community.

Joanna Dobson

I have always loved the quote by Franklin Delano Roosevelt that says, “The test of our progress is not whether we add to the abundance of those that have much. It is whether we provide enough to those that have too little.” Joining 100WomenStrong has given me the gift of being surrounded by bright and kind people who believe in that same FDR principle. In addition to the belief in the concept, we as a group take action and truly work to improve and change lives in Loudoun County.

Jessica Wood

After having my first baby in 2013, I decided to take time off from my career in technology sales to spend more time with Jocelyn. It was also the perfect time to join 100WomenStrong and make this world and our community a better place for everyone. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this amazing community of women and a few brave men 😀 who share the common goal of giving back and helping others.

Cindy Schaufeld

My philanthropic mentoring started when I was very young.  My Mom helped those in need in our community by giving of her time, cooking and love. She brought me, her little side kick with her.  Little did she know how much I was absorbing and loving every minute of it.  I did not realize how much she instilled in me until I joined this group of wonderful, caring and proactive folks.  It was there at my first meeting that I knew why my Mom did what she did.  We all should give back to our communities in any and every way we can.

Amy Bosserman

When I moved to Loudoun County I only saw a beautiful bucolic area.  I was not fully aware of the multiple needs of my community.  I was introduced to 100WS and thought it was a great way to meet like-minded people who live and invest in their community.  When I joined, I had no idea how this group would change my life – for the better.  Being a member is a continuing educational experience for me.  I have learned so much about philanthropy, community and kindness.  Because of our committed investments of money, time, and values, we connect with each other.   We may come from different backgrounds and experiences but we band together as one.  When we have our spring grant party and invite the grantees, it’s hard to put into words how good I feel to see the recipients faces – it’s amazing to see the impact 100WS makes to better people’s lives within Loudoun County.   Giving is more fun when we do it together!










Freddi Donner

I wanted to do some giving in Loudoun County and was having difficulty deciding which of the many needs would benefit from my contribution. When I came across 100WomenStrong I was thrilled to see that this group covers health, shelter, hunger and education. Not only did this cover what I was looking for but I also realized that I would be in the company of some serious givers!



100WomenStrong is a proud fund of Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties