100WomenStrong has been working closely with Loudoun County Public Schools, Loudoun Education Fund, SunTrust Foundation, local nonprofits, educators, businesses and many others to change the face of education in Sterling, VA, through a pilot Community School Initiative (CSI) at Sterling Elementary School. Due to the rapid suburbanization of poverty, Title 1 schools like Sterling Elementary School need a wrap-around service approach that supports disadvantaged students and their families, helps improve educational outcomes, and increases parental engagement. Since 2015, 100WomenStrong has funded the salary of a Community School Coordinator who works with community partners to bring enrichment programs into the school.

The philanthropic group has created a $100,000 challenge grant to expand the program to the six other Title 1 elementary schools in Loudoun County. SunTrust Foundation immediately stepped up to the challenge with a $100,000 donation. Together, they are asking others in the community to match their contributions to help raise at least $400,000 to expand this vital initiative that is reaping benefits for children, families and the community.

“The resources and goodwill are already out there, and this model taps into it and directs it in a way that is very effective and creates an incredible benefit for both the school and the community,” said Karen G. Schaufeld, founder and president of 100WomenStrong. “With SunTrust Foundation’s support, we are halfway to the $400,000 in funding needed to cover these seven salaries and other initiatives for the next three years, and we hope many others will join us in our investment in students and families in underserved areas of Loudoun County.”

What does a Community School Coordinator do?

The CSI Community School Coordinator focuses on supporting the educational success, health, and well-being of the students and families at Sterling Elementary School. Programs for students are designed to support:

  • academic achievement in English, Math, Science and other subjects
  • positive youth development
  • motivation to learn
  • relationships that support learning and a sense of belonging
  • personal, social, service and leadership skills and positive behavior.

With the funding currently being raised, the CSI program will expand to include new Community School Coordinators at Forest Grove, Sugarland, Guilford, Sterling, Sully and Rolling Ridge elementary schools; and 100WomenStrong will fund a social worker whose job it will be to support those coordinators and their programs.

Donate here: https://communityfoundationlf.org/product/100womenstronglti/





The LCPS Backpack Coalition and the Community School Initiative are great examples of our Long-Term Initiatives, which help to accomplish the following:

  • Identify and promote synergistic and collaborative opportunities between non-profits
  • Engage County government, private corporations and public/private organizations to focus on the solutions to community challenges
  • Incubate and encourage the formation of new non-profits and philanthropic groups
  • Promote public awareness of the needs of the community
  • Assist non-profits in being more effective (training, operational reviews, etc.)

Here is how 100WomenStrong has made an impact with Long-Term Initiatives:


_8866238Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties


Grant: $20,000

Support of the Face of Need/Face of Service campaign to promote organizations, highlight needs in our area and boost giving.  Funds will also support CF’s Social Profit Initiative.

_4700785Community School Initiative


Grant: $50,000

Create school/community partnership for Sterling Elementary School to bring together private companies, government entities and nonprofits to offer a range of support and opportunities for children, youth, families, and the overall community.



LCPS Backpack Coalition


$100,000 Matching Grant

Beginning in 2014, 100WomenStrong matched 100 percent of a two year grant, dollar for dollar up to $100,000 to Loudoun Education Foundation in support of the Backpack Coalition.  With your support, the matching challenge exceeded its goal, raising more than $200,000 to help hungry kids.

Loudoun Education Foundation


In 2014, 100WS provided Loudoun Education Foundation a grant to fund a Program Coordinator position, filled by Barbara Mendoza, to oversee the LCPS Backpack Coalition Program. This grant represents the second year of funding for this position. Barb reports to the Office of Outreach Administrator.

100WomenStrong Social Impact Institute


Grant: $5,000

The Social Impact Institute and its Leadership Development Program offers executives of Loudoun’s charitable organizations a structured, tailored process to explore how their current leadership approach might evolve to yield greater personal satisfaction and organizational performance. Participants engage in one-on-one executive coaching and group conversations on sequential months between March and September 2015. The design evokes increasing direction, growing capability and new approaches to addressing mission vital challenges.



Loudoun Education Foundation


Grant: $20,000

100WS provided Loudoun Education Foundation a grant to fund a Program Coordinator position, filled by Barbara Mendoza, to oversee the LCPS Backpack Coalition Program. She reports to the Office of Outreach Administrator, Mr. Wendall Fisher.



Loudoun Cares


Grant: $9,000

Loudoun Cares received a $9,000 grant in 2012 for a board training “Boot Camp” and several focused training sessions to teach best practices in board policies, activities and effectiveness to as many as 80 members of Loudoun County boards of directors.



Loudoun Cares


Grant: $5,000

In 2011, Loudoun Cares received $5,000 for the development and implementation of its Board “Boot Camp” to train board and staff of Loudoun County area nonprofit organizations. Loudoun Cares was founded in 2002 to promote the sharing of community services under one roof. This model, already utilized in many communities, encourages collaboration and efficiency among nonprofit agencies—ultimately benefiting the long-term health of the community.



100WomenStrong is a proud fund of Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties